Resilience and Mental Toughness


How resilient (or mentally tough) are you? Take our simple quiz below.

Stress, pressure and what goes on around us all have an impact on our performance, and the level of that impact is determined by our ‘mental toughness’.

Research shows a strong link between an individual’s level of mental toughness and their performance.


We use the ‘mental toughness’ model and development techniques to underpin many of the services we provide.

Using the MTQ48 psychometric test, we assess the ‘mental toughness’ of individuals to help them develop their resilience, to develop a team profile and help teams within your organisation become more dynamic and open to change, more disciplined and committed to your organisation’s ethos and more able to take controlled risks and learn from any failures.


Do you want to juggle more effectively, managing stress and improving resilience?
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Try this sample test and see how you score. We’ll email you the feedback as a score with explanation.
1 = strongly disagree- 5 = strongly agree
I generally feel in control
Challenges usually bring out the best in me
I am generally confident in my own abilities
I generally feel that I am in control of what happens in my life
I usually speak my mind when I have something to say
I dont usually give up under pressure
I can generally be relied upon to complete the tasks I am given
I generally try to give 100%
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