Our Approach

Obsidian is a management consultancy, founded in 1993. Together we form a partnership of complementary specialists who have all held senior management positions in the corporate world before becoming consultants. We deliver all assignments ourselves or with trusted partners.

What’s in a name?

In the mists of time we acquired the name of a semi-precious rock, Obsidian. This glass-like, volcanic material can be smooth, tactile and beautiful. It was believed by the Aztecs to bring the gift of ‘clear thinking’. When split it forms hard, sharp edges, which have been used for millennia for sacrificial and surgical purposes. We aim to be similarly incisive and user-friendly and to stimulate ‘clear thinking’.

Our Values are:

Focus – on continuous improvement in our specialisms and development of our thinking
Innovation – ensuring that we offer the best methods available and creative responses to clients’ needs.
Teamwork – both among ourselves and with our wider stakeholders.


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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are core parts of our consultancy services. Our consultants combine considerable experience, theoretical knowledge and skills to:

  • undertake coaching & mentoring interventions that help executives perform to their potential
  • assist in the development and implementation of coaching & mentoring strategy
  • provide training and development in coaching & mentoring skills to managers.

Our philosophy of coaching and mentoring is to provide people with the tools and skills to manage their own self-development and to help them to generate the confidence and commitment so that they do this willingly:

  •  we work with individuals on practical management, inter-personal or specific skills issues
  •  we support people when leaving (e.g. outplacement)
  •  we act as a ‘sounding-board’ for senior people who would get value from an external mentor

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We help clients to develop and implement appraisal schemes (including 360 appraisal), competency frameworks, training and coaching programmes. More generally we can provide consultancy on the cultural and behavioural aspects of change.

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Employee Stages


We work with organisations to help you recruit or promote the right people, taking account of ability and potential. This can range from providing interview skills training to running complete assessment centres for senior management positions.

  • Application of psychometrics.
  • Job profiles.
  • Performing

We provide consultancy to “health check”, develop and refine appraisal systems, and training in their successful implementation and application. Our work ranges from the introduction of behavioural competency frameworks to providing assistance in managing poor performance.

Examples are:

  • Working with organisations to rejuvenate their performance management of individuals, helping them ensure their people are motivated, committed and make their maximum contribution.
  • Sensitive application of upward feedback and 360° appraisal techniques – these can be powerful if implemented carefully.
  • Comprehensive Management Development programmes incorporating electronic bulletins, experiential learning and individual mentoring.


Our focus in this area is in providing skilled outplacement to those leaving organisations, ranging from job shops for junior managers through to tailored one to one sessions for senior displaced executives

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Managing Performance

Performance Management for individuals focuses on getting the right people in the right positions and helping them learn, grow and realise their potential. It is aimed at getting their efforts directed into achieving objectives which are aligned with those of the organisation, whilst exemplifying the organisation’s values in their behaviour. It also addresses issues arising when people leave.

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Mental Toughness

Applications and research show that Mental Toughness is directly related to a person’s Performance (explains up to 25% of the variation observed); Behaviour (leads to more engagement, more positive behaviour, more “can do” attitude); Wellbeing (more contentment, better stress management , less bullying); and Aspiration.

Research in the Psychology Department at the University of Hull  has identified the four key components of Mental Toughness . These components, the 4Cs are:  Control; Challenge; Commitment and Confidence

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We are qualified to use a range of psychometric profiling instruments  and are accredited Belbin consultants. We also use 360º feedback tools as diagnostics within assignments.

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Our training supports clients in :

  • management and leadership (we run programmes endorsed by the ILM)
  • commercial skills (business planning, project management, sales and marketing, account management, negotiations, report writing, numerical skills etc)
  • personal effectiveness (self-awareness, influencing, inter-personal skills, planning and organising, presentations etc)
  • teamworking

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