Our Approach

Obsidian is a management consultancy, founded in 1993. Together we form a partnership of complementary specialists who have all held senior management positions in the corporate world before becoming consultants. We deliver all assignments ourselves or with trusted partners.

What’s in a name?

In the mists of time we acquired the name of a semi-precious rock, Obsidian. This glass-like, volcanic material can be smooth, tactile and beautiful. It was believed by the Aztecs to bring the gift of ‘clear thinking’. When split it forms hard, sharp edges, which have been used for millennia for sacrificial and surgical purposes. We aim to be similarly incisive and user-friendly and to stimulate ‘clear thinking’.

Our Values are:

  • Focus – on continuous improvement in our specialisms and development of our thinking;
  • Innovation – ensuring that we offer the best methods available and creative responses to clients’ needs;
  • Teamwork – both among ourselves and with our wider stakeholders.
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