Organisations who work with us

Obsidian works with a number of organisations so that we deliver the most appropriate and up-to-date services for our clients.

 With Engauge we offer online 360° feedback, backed up by our competency consultancy and one-to-one coaching to ensure value for both the individual and employer.

Several of our team of consultants are accredited to practise Belbin’s Team Role diagnosis, helping teams to understand and develop their interactions and effective working

We are an ‘Approved Endorsed and Development Provider’ with the Institute of Leadership and Management.
We tailor our programmes to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

With AQR  we offer a range of tools and measures which have been developed in conjunction with Hull University. Several of our consultants are a accredited to use these psychometric instruments namely:

  • MTQ48 – a self-assessment of ‘Mental Toughness’
  • ILM72 – an integrated measure of leadership style.
  • AQR360 – a flexible online tool that enables 360° evaluation which can incorporate external validation of MTQ48 and ILM72 assessments
  • PREVUE – an HR management tool that provides a rounded assessment of an individual – assessing capabilities, working preferences and personality traits


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