There are times when the future of our businesses appears daunting.

When it is time for development or change, wouldn’t it be good to have an experienced and objective view
to help clarify your thinking about how to adapt and refine your business – to support you through the change?

Welcome to Obsidian Consulting

We help to improve business performance through
expert consultancy, team facilitation, training and coaching / mentoring.
Can we help you? 

Paul McIntee


Message from Paul McIntee Managing Partner:

What we are about in this partnership is sharing our expertise to help you to become more effective in your business.

How do we do this? 

Effectiveness starts with understanding what we do, what we want and why we are not getting there. Our approach is always to listen, explore, diagnose and devise solutions for your issues.

We can help with development either with individuals or with teams to help you achieve your aims.

Performance, or the effectiveness of a business, depends on its people being clearly directed and having the appropriate skills and methods, to work well together. Take advantage of our expertise to help develop these.

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